Unlock your pelvic potential

Improve pelvic tone


Using Keygal daily can help reduce laxity and weakness of the pelvic floor muscles.
Weak pelvic floor muscles contribute to many conditions which affect a woman’s quality of life, and can have a huge impact on her wellbeing, intimate relationship and self confidence.

Did you know that ALL women can be susceptible to pelvic floor disorders, whether you have had children or not, whether you are physically active or not. Studies have shown that sports women have had issues with incontinence and lack of pelvic floor movement due to weakness.

The pelvic floor is one of the most difficult muscles to train and bad habits are harder to break than train good habits, which is why KEYGAL is a perfect solution.
Keygal has been clinically trialled offering excellent results even to those women who found it impossible to do pelvic floor exercises (kegel exercises)

Keygal took years for our medical team to perfect and its ergonomic shape is perfect to give you support and control. Worn the same way as a tampon. Keygal is automatically held discreetly in place with the automatic response of your own body, helping you gently work those muscles and nobody need know you are carrying out your own private internal workout.

SQUEEZE the Keygal and instantly engage the correct pelvic floor muscles.

HOLD the Keygal and not only does it prevent those embarrassing leaks but it supports the pelvic floor making exercises less strenuous on the pelvic area.

TIGHTEN those pelvic floor muscles and enjoy the freedom of total control.

For a perfect work out down load our Keygal those kegels with our specially designed pelvic floor exercises giving you ultimate control. YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

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