Unlock your pelvic potential

KeyGal Unlock your pelvic potential


Control, freedom, stronger pelvic floor muscles and a better quality of life.

Time to regain control and start enjoying life.

How many of you have stopped going to the gym due to those embarrassing leaks?

How many of you do a sport where the impact forces a little loss of urine?

How many of you have had a baby and noticed weakness in the pelvic floor area?

How many of you have noticed over time sexual feeling isn’t what it used to be?

84% of women in the UK alone suffer stress incontinence. Stress incontinence prevents you getting on with things you want to do but are afraid to do incase of leaking.

Keygal is a discreet way to support the pelvic floor, teaches YOU how to identify the  pelvic floor muslces so you can rebuild the pelvic floor muscle structure offering you better control in work, sport and ‘play’.

Insert keygal and don’t be afraid to jump!

Unlock your pelvic potential

KeyGal is the only exerciser that enables discreet pelvic floor toning at any time: in work, on the go and even in the gym.

Ergonomically shaped for comfort, KeyGal is ideal for post-childbirth restoration of pelvic floor muscles.

Simply insert the KeyGal as far as it will comfortably go and you will instinctively feel the muscles that need exercising.

CE mark certified. Made in the United Kingdom from medical grade silicone the KeyGal is hypoallergenic and has proven to  improve your sexual sensation and help with orgasm control.

Keygal can also aid in the help where natural vaginal lubrication is needed in the case of women who have very little natural lubrication.

Keygal can safely be used with lubricants. We recommend the organic lubricant YES.

KeyGal is developed and recommended by medical professionals.


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